The One with the Bittersweet Day

This morning we got a call. Our new nephew is on the way.

We rushed to grab our other nephew (almost 3 year old) and get the girls ready for preschool.

Our 4 1/2 year old has been emotional lately and so in-between the scrambled eggs and the toast our 2 1/2 year old threw on the floor I was behind our computer making and “I-Statement Chart” for her teachers to have at school.

Our foster care case worker comes to finalize our paperwork at 2pm so we are installing locks, putting medication behind turned key, and making sure we’ve crossed our T’s and dotted our I’s.

Husband piles his coffee deliveries in his car along with our nephew who will be his sidekick today.

On the way into work I grabbed a latte and sit and take notice.

My bittersweet burdened and light heart praying through the heaviness and joy of this day.

One of my dearest friends lost her husband this past Fall and today would have been their 4 year anniversary. I read her post of the paradox of his life and her heart in it all and again I am hit with how bittersweet life really is today and everyday.

Today a new life has entered,

our daughter is going through the pain of growing up and being stretched to develop her emotions,

the tasks at work get checked off,

I enjoy a latte,

Husband chases his dreams,

We eagerly hold the hope and devastation of the future that waits for us with foster care,

and my dear friend is deeply grieving.

The bitter and the sweet.

The dark and the light.

The winter and the spring.

The wilderness and the mountaintop.

Oh how I wish there was no darkness today. But there is. It’s there. It always is.

Can there be resurrection without death?

Jesus come.



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