The One with the Story To Tell


I once heard that the things that really break your heart are the things you are meant to lean into and the things that you keep at a distance out of fear is what you are really meant to create, explore, and do.

I think if we are really honest with ourselves we all have the same things kept at a distance out of fear.

Our stories.

What if we shared our stories. I mean really shared them.

How different would our world be?

Nish Weiseth describes a story as a vulnerable sharing of your life experiences with others. It’s including everything and by doing so allowing others the glimpse of how you have been shaped, what matters to you, and why it matters.

The stories we don’t want to tell have power…so much power. I think that’s why we keep the hard ones at a distance. There’s something really scary about the unknown of something that holds so much force and has the ability to expose the parts of us we’ve tried to keep in neatly stacked boxes.

When you walk bravely toward someone and open yourself up to allow them to see your heart the world changes. You change. They change. The power shifts. Your telling of a story can release you into deep freedom.

It can heal you.

Saying your story (by writing and speaking) helps you to process and internalize with language what was deep within your soul. It helps you make sense of it sometimes for the first time. It can help you create and explore thoughts you didn’t even know you were thinking.

That story that just came into your mind while you are reading this? Yes, that one. That one needs to be shared too. Because guess what?

It can heal others too.

If I have learned anything about the world in the last 32 years it’s this..

the world needs the healing you can bring.

We don’t have time for you to prefect your speech first, become the best version of yourself first, learn how to speak in front of people without your voice shaking first, never struggle with that thing again first, get far past the story so it doesn’t sting anymore. Nope. Aint nobody got time for that friend.

We just need you and your stories.

“Each of our stories is a small piece of the greatest story- God’s continual work and transforming power in our lives. It’s also an invitation to approach the world’s problems with renewed vision and passion.It’s a call to engage with others based on what we have in common rather than on what divides us.” ~Speak by Nish Weiseth

That story tucked in a box in the distance. It’s time to open it.

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