The One When We Thought it Was Goodbye But It Was Really Hello

I packed her bag. She came with just a blanket but over 3 weeks she’s accumulated a lot.

I stuck a Jesus Storybook Bible with an inscription inside…”You are loved sweet girl. we are thankful you were with us. You are beautifully made”

I told our girls to say goodbye and hugged and kissed her. I hid my tears and walked away.

Then the meeting didn’t go the way we all thought it would. Instead of baby A moving to a new family placement, we will have her with no timeline ending in sight.

I wish I could share all the details but I can’t.

What I will tell you is that we’re embracing a new scenario with a greater sense of hope for all involved and a deeper sense of shared parenting and a gratitude of being in that process. It’s going to be messy, redemptive, sacrificial, and profound.

Do you ever have times in your life where you feel like you are looking above yourself and seeing your life as a big picture? Where you suddenly say, “Oh. That’s why. That’s why I needed that experience or that heartbreak or why that season wasn’t right but this time it is.” 

That has been me through this past month.

 If you’ve never had that experience, I hope someday you will.

You’ll know when it happens.

Someday everything meaningless, moments big and small, will actually intersects and if you are aware and allow it to be what it is you’ll be smack in the middle of something beautiful.


And suddenly you’ll know.

This is why…this is why. 

It will be hard but beautiful.

Unknown but beautiful.

Overwhelming but beautiful.

Welcome to the Kingdom here and now.

The resurrection story.

She’s not leaving today and now we join hands with her parent(s) and we get to work.


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