The One with a letter to Maeve

A few days ago you were getting your haircut…your first “bangs.” You hopped onto the  chair and you said to our hair stylist, “So what are you doing over Christmas?”

Like an actual human.

A mini-person.

Next year you enter Kindergarten. You are so ready and daddy and I are actually pretty excited too. A lot of times you’ll be so involved in your book writing, drawing, creating, imaginative play, and math work around the house that you don’t seem to listen. I’m trying to get better at how to cue you because I know you want to listen. You’re just listening to your thoughts and I’m interrupting.

You are turning into something very special. One with your own set of opinions, ideas, and goals. I’m really loving 5 years old with you, sweet one. Your brain is ALWAYS working (you can thank your daddy for that one) and you have such compassion for the people and world around you. Last week you came home basically exploding that your friend got the math question of the day right…and to be clear that means HE got the candy and YOU didn’t.

You said you cheered for him.

That’s special.

That’s an unique way God shaped you.

You naturally encourage and you believe the best in others (except Raeya when she hits you…which to be fair, she probably did on purpose). 🙂

But I know, Maeve Liana, that with great empathy and compassion there will be great responsibility and big feelings. And I think you already know it. So your highs are going to be really high and your lows might be lower than those around you. You’ll want to carry everyone’s feelings within yours and it might take you some time to process how to do that well.

We’ll process them with you.

Our stylist asked if we wanted to save any hair for your baby book. “What’s a baby book, mom? Do I have one of those?” Well no, actually you don’t. I’m just not that mom, I’m afraid to say. And one day you’ll grow up and ask me questions and I’ll try to remember but I might not. These years are blurring together, truthfully and at times I’m just doing my best to get everyone to the right places and the right times and somehow force food in your faces.

So instead of a baby book what I hope we do is provide a family culture of belonging and becoming that you will remember. One that is rooted in full acceptance, love, grace, and guide you to hold on to these unfiltered traits about you when the world wants you to round your edges or become harder. We’re your biggest fan, kid, and nothing you do or don’t do will ever change that.That doesn’t mean we won’t push you, though.

Your name means people are literally drawn to you and that you are an answered prayer.

I used to think that the answered prayer was mine.

But now I know that the answered prayer was actually the one that came from the world.

This world needs what you have to offer.

What an honor it is to be your mom.

So instead of a baby book, maybe I’ll do a blog post or two to help you connect the dots.

You are beloved, Maeve Liana.


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  1. Sitting inside of a shop where Enderly Coffee is roasted and I am sobbing. That amazing little girl who God has shaped to be such a compassionate person is so incredible. I know Maeve, and now I think I know her more because Maeve’s compassion and empathy is the same as mine. I often feel the highs of people and I feel their lows. Feelers feel. And I love that you allow her and will push her to process those feels. Well done


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