I’m an ENFJ according to Myers-Briggs.

I’m Restorative, Connectedness, Empathy, Achiever, Belief according to Strength Finders.

Ennegram Number 4 with a 3 wing. “The Sensitive, Introspective Type:
Expressive, Dramatic, Self-Absorbed, and Temperamental” Hmmm…

I’ve been married 11 years to a teacher turned coffee roaster.

I was a teacher myself turned children’s pastor/director for our church.

I have two beautiful daughters and one heaven baby through miscarriage.

Foster parent to another beautiful girl for 15 months and counting.

I reside in West Charlotte and hope to be among those trying to slowly change the narrative of the deep perception that breaks instead of heals.

I like coffee, my tribe, deep conversations, baby laughter, and wine.

This blog is an experiment to push into using my words.

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  1. donettamalloy says:

    You are an amazing woman, leaving footprints upon your world, shining a light in the darkness and creating a legacy for your children. Keep on keeping on.

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